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FFL Wiggly

4.2 ( 192 ratings )
Бізнесс Утіліти
Розробник: Carl Smith

The Fuel For Less(FFL) "Wiggly" is a great tool for those special stores that need to claim in store.

It doesnt matter what style of program you are using the FFL App will make the adding of customer purchases and claims as simple as it can be.

Also dont forget to use the New Customer button when you have a new customer because we will market to this shopper for you to make sure that they see the benefit they are entitled to. Many shopper can be lazy or forget to claim their fuel refund and when you add them as a new customer we will make sure that we follow up with them so that they claim this rebate. Once a customer has gained that first fuel refund you can count on them being excited and coming back. This is why we want to help you get the most out of the system.

The Fuel For Less "Wiggly" App is a great way of interacting with the FFL Online server without the hassle of being in front of a computer.